KOCE’s Garage dates back nearly 4 decades when Ken bought

his first motorcycle at the age of 17. Leaning engineering skills

from his father, Ken soon developed a passion for anything

mechanical that went fast.

Starting out as a cheeky 10yr old riding, modifying pushbikes

and dirt bikes around his oldie’s property. After finishing

school Ken completed a Fitting and Machining trade and

obtaining a number of Pressure Vessel Welding Certificates

whilst working in the families engineering business.

A switch into the aviation disciplines. Ken has had a long

career in aviation, initially in engineering then in a flight

operations role. He also owns a engineering workshop at

Minto where you can find him working on new projects and

giving a hand to those that pop in to his workshop.

KOCE’s Garage is a facility that offers extensive machining

and metal fabrication expertise in a fully equipped workshop.

And, if you need a little help customising your own bike, or

vehicle,  you can always ask Ken! There’s always a friendly

smile, frank and sincere advice for your project. Ken, not only

spends time in the workshop creating things, he also spends

his time hanging upside down in the harness of a number of

aerobatic aircraft, Being an aerobatic pilot and flying

instructor, he is well versed in good engineering practices and

methods used to achieve successful and reliable results.

KOCE’s Garage is very accessible, Located right out front of

Minto railway station. So drop in for a chat and a coffee !!

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